“Let us imagine the fullness of health and Run after it.”

Tim O’Brien, owner and founder of Apple Wellness

Apple Wellness was founded by Tim and Becki O’Brien in 2010. Tim and Becki shared a vision of health and wellness that inspired them to start their own retail store. Apple Wellness was opened in June 2010 in Fitchburg and the second location in Sun Prairie opened in January 2016.

Our mission as a company is to impact, empower, and educate every customer to learn, grow, and create a lifelong foundation of health and wellness. We strive to inspire our customers to make healthy changes that will impact every area of their lives and we believe that health is worth fighting for.

We are set apart by our knowledge and our passion. Our business has grown rapidly over the past six years and that is because our customers feel confident in our products and recommendations.

Come on in and ask us for free, knowledgeable advice.

Meet Our Team

wellness consultant health food store Fitchburg WI

Tim O’Brien

Owner & Founder, Manager

Tim has extensive experience in the health and wellness industry. He began his career ten years ago as the District Manager for GNC franchises and the manager of Elite Nutrition. During those years, he built a solid foundation of knowledge and expertise. His passion and success gave him the vision to open his own business.

Tim grew up with an emphasis on health and natural alternative medicine. This gave him a passion at an early age for treating the body naturally.

Tim believes in educating and empowering individuals to make lifelong, healthy choices and changes. His desire is to help each person reach their health potential. His energy is contagious, and he’s excited about helping YOU.


Spending time with his beautiful family, church activities, traveling, extreme sports.

Insightful Facts:

Tim knows how to juggle and ride the unicycle.

vitamin store Fitchburg WI


Owner, Design and Marketing Director

When I fell in love with a handsome man named Tim O’Brien, I had no idea of the adventure that was awaiting me. He swept me away with his passion for health and his entrepreneurial spirit. I found myself surrounded in vitamins and opening Apple Wellness with him by my side in 2010.

My background is in marketing with a degree in graphic design and it has been very exciting to use my talents and skills to create and promote the brand of Apple Wellness. When I am at the store I typically have a kid or three with me, so most of my work is done at night after the kiddos are asleep. Tim and I never stop talking and dreaming about our store and our vision for everyone to truly “find their healthy place”. I love being a driving force behind a business that can make a lifelong difference for so many.



Being with my family, Chipotle, Hawaii, the color pink, and good design

Insightful Facts:

I was a vegan for over 10 years.


wellness consultant health store fitchburg wi

Nikki Hare

Wellness Consultant

I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with Bachelors of Science degree, majoring in Biology and Sociology with an emphasis in nutrition and community and environmental studies respectively. In addition, I received a minor in Global Health. 

Through my studies, I determined that I could influence health by promoting wellness and disease/illness prevention through whole food nutrition and integrative medicine. After struggling with various health problems, I found health through naturally repairing my GI tract while working with a fabulous naturopathic physician in the Madison area. Through my studies and personal experiences, I know how amazing the human body is, and its capability to heal itself if given the right nutrients. It is now my greatest passion to assist others on their journey to finding optimal health and wellness through whole food and safe supplementation.


Training for and competing in half and full distance Ironman races, traveling, outdoor activities, cooking and eating (mostly nachos and hamburgers)!  

Insightful Facts:

I will be racing Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Chattanooga, TN in September 2017!

wellness consultant sun prairie wi

Kristin Nye

Wellness Consultant

As a Wellness Consultant, I strive to empower others to make impactful choices that sustain vibrant health throughout their lifetime.

My journey towards health began about 6 years ago. After suffering from toxic chemical overload and severe anxiety for quite some time, I found relief and healing using holistic therapies and natural supplements. Once I experienced the power of holistic health firsthand, I wanted to share the good news with everyone! I left my career, dove head first into the field as a massage therapist and haven’t looked back since. My journey continued as a wellness advisor for a major natural foods store, gaining valuable product knowledge and customizing recommendations on an individual basis. Now I am excited to learn and grow here at Apple Wellness!

My education is in international affairs and modern languages. Needless to say, I love interacting with people from all walks of life and appreciate the unique viewpoint we each bring to the table. I believe everyone has the ability to restore and maintain balance within the body; health is our birthright! It is so exciting to find the special blend of supplements and lifestyle choices that works just right for you.


Yoga, Thai food, going on adventures with my dog (Hazel) and anything to do with the beach.

Insightful Facts:

I’ve played piano for over 20 years.

wellness consultant health store sun prairie wi

Trevor Hagen

Wellness Consultant

Fitness and health have always been a big part of my life.  I firmly believe that we only have one true home our entire life — that is our body.  Appreciate what it does for you, and treat it with respect.

I have worked as a personal trainer and personal chef for the past 6 years, and believe that with the right physical activity, organic food, and supplements our bodies, and lives, are able to reach their best potential.

I became a personal trainer for one purpose — to help other people better their lives. I am excited to help others with their nutrition needs!


Yoga, coffee, and naps.

Insightful Facts:

I once ran a marathon without any training.


Kate Davison

Office Manager

I take care of the behind-the-scenes aspects of the business, maintain the website, and write for our blog.

Thirty-five years ago my husband and I left careers in Milwaukee to move to the country with a dream of raising babies and our own food. This simpler lifestyle had many challenges but the rewards were great!

Some serious health problems spurred my discovery of the benefits of natural and alternative healing. I am passionate to learn more and educate others about ways they can take charge of their health!

I am currently completing an herbalist degree, with plans to pursue training in homeopathy and aromatherapy.


Watching the birds and four wheeling in our woods with my husband, teaching my grand babies about God’s awesome creation, and spending time with my family.

Insightful Facts:

My husband and I spent three years building our log home with trees cut from our own property, and lumber cut on our sawmill. We started this project with three children under the age of six.


Apple Wellness has it in stock. And if we don’t, we’re happy to find it! We carry hundreds of brands and have nearly 4000 products to choose from.

We stock a wide variety of vitamins and supplements, weight loss aids and sports performance enhancers. Additionally, we carry essential oils, natural beauty products, herbs, sports drinks, and gluten free foods and snacks.

Looking for something unique? We would be happy to place a special order for you!


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  • Hey there, Tim. This is Frank. I met you on Wednesday, when I brought my post-up brother, Jim, to your store. As I was walking around looking at things, I was listening with impressed ears. I worked as a Program Director overseeing 24 group homes & 15 in-home consumers. I also have been a trainer for The American Red Cross and American Heart Association for many years. I’ve been a first responder on ambulance detail as well as certified both as a Behavior Analyst & Life Effectiveness Coach. I know the body and was very impressed the levels of your knowledge. I instantly trusted you once I started listening. Thank you for that!

    Frank Zellar Behavior Analyst & Life Effectiveness Coach

    The owner and workers at Apple Wellness are so kind and helpful! They engaged me in a wonderful conversation, and while helping me find what I needed, while also directing me to alternatives that worked better for me and my lifestyle. A knowledgeable, friendly staff, along with a great selection.

    Michelle Emerson

    Incredible resource for those of us who need recommendations/suggestions to attain our personal goals! I actually look forward to learning from them each time I go!

    Peggy Gunderson
  • We love Apple Wellness ! Tim has helped our family so much. He has so much knowledge about the body, it’s fun to learn from him

    Danielle L Dittberner-Beihoffer

    This is where good health starts and ends! Tim and team are extremely helpful and don’t try to force anything down your throat like other health stores. I like how they give me the +’s and -‘s of whatever I am taking or enquiring about. I also appreciate the small things too…….they always remember me and my family!

    Chris Thelen

    As a dental hygienist, I send many patients here to get Xylitol and probiotics to help with their dental care. As a chronic pain patient, I trust them to help keep my flares down and keep ME smiling.

    Kim Varian Dental Hygienist First Choice Dental
  • Thanks again Apple Wellness for all of your help today! Week #2 of my cleanse and I SERIOUSLY haven’t felt better – EVER! I had no idea the results could be so dramatic. Thank you again Tim and Dave for helping to keep our family healthy and educated on our body’s daily needs! We really appreciate the personalized service you provide.

    Tressa Proctor

    Apple wellness is absolutely my favorite store for vitamins and supplements. They have a great variety of options to meet whatever health needs you might have. The staff is friendly and helpful without being pushy. The owner, Tim, works hard to make sure he carries the best quality supplements available.  And he won’t just sell you a supplement. Tim will explore your needs and explain what options you have. Then he will explain why and how those supplements will be helpful to you.

    A newer addition to Apple Wellness is their selection of essential oils. Essential oils can be used in a several ways including diffusing and topical applications to achieve optimal health and Apple Wellness carries a variety of Amrita oils. They are my new favorite item in the store!

    If you are looking for quality products sold by knowledgeable staff, Apple Wellness is absolutely the place for you.

    Elizabeth Robinson Licensed Professional Counselor Christian Family Counseling

    As a doctor, I know that I can send my patients to Apple Wellness and that Tim will work very hard to find exactly what I am recommending and will only give them the best quality.

    Aaron Henkel Naturopath Family Clinic of Natural Medicine
  • Tim and Dave are both a wealth of knowledge. I am grateful to take most of my online spending to a locally-owned shop. The customer service is second-to-none.

    Holly Larson
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