DIY Gluten Free Holiday Gift

Does the stress of holiday shopping bring you down? Of course everyone is looking for the perfect gift for those on their list, but finding it…well that’s where the stress comes in.

If your list contains people who are struggling with dietary restrictions it might be easier than you think to bring a twinkle to their eyes. One of the hardest times of the year to be adopting a new diet or even dealing with long term restrictions is the holidays. Who wants to feel restricted when everyone is indulging in decadent once-a-year treats. Our video tutorial show you three simple steps to create a DIY Gluten Free Holiday Gift that is sure to delight!

We chose to focus on a gluten free diet, but you could do this with any kind of treat and it’s sure to bring a smile to the recipient. (I’m thinking a dairy free chocolate goodie bag would be appropriate for nearly anyone.)


how to create your diy gluten free holiday gift

This gluten free holiday goodie bag is a fabulous present for any friend who might be missing out on Christmas treats. Stuff it full of delicious gluten and grain free snacks. Package it prettily with some added embellishments. Gluten free foodies will appreciate your thoughtfulness and you know it’s a gift they will use and enjoy.

This also makes a thoughtful goodie bag for gluten free friends and family at holiday gatherings. Not only will it make you look like a star for being so thoughtful, it will bring a happy smile to the face of your recipient.

Mention this video to one of our Wellness Consultants and receive a 15% discount on products used to create your gift bag!

Our Fitchburg location is providing bags and other supplies needed to pack your own DIY Natural Beauty Holiday Gift. (These supplies are free while they last!)


Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Gather a brown paper bag and some yummy gluten free snacks. If you are worried about how to find gluten free, or dairy free, or whatever free snacks, don’t despair. Apple Wellness has shelves of delicious choices!
  2. Thoughtfully place the snacks inside the brown paper bag.
  3. Fold the top down and embellish the edge with some pretty holiday washi tape. Attach a gift tag with a clothespin, and finish it off with a sprig of greenery.

There you go! That was so easy, you could make several in just a few minutes. 

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