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We know that no two individuals are exactly alike. This is why we consider having a consultation with you regarding your health needs and concerns so vital. It enables us to learn about you, so that we can make informed recommendations that are tailored to resolve your health needs and fit your preferences.

After filling out the form to the right, you’ll be contacted by Tim O’Brien or another member of the Apple Wellness team to talk about your health needs. We will take all the time necessary to understand your situation, and then will provide a customized recommendation of supplements, vitamins, or health foods (or all of the above!).

Together we’ll discuss all of the recommended items, ensuring that you understand your options. Once you’ve made a decision, we can process your order and mail your shipment right away.

If you ever have questions, concerns, or returns, our team is 100% ready to help you out.

Your health is our number 1 goal! 

Tim O’Brien has over 12 years of experience and industry knowledge that he’ll use to help you to ‘Find Your Healthy Place’. His team of carefully selected industry experts are devoted to helping all of their customers be happy, healthy, and well.

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