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We Know Nutrition

Maximize your health at Apple Wellness.

Educate Yourself

At Apple Wellness, we take the health of our neighbors in Middleton very seriously. We work to achieve positive health outcomes for our customers, whether they’re in the midst of a health crisis, trying to improve overall well-being, or beginning a preventive regime.

We believe in the power of nutrition to create a healthy, balanced life for you and your family. A natural approach, with vitamins and supplements, isn’t always a ‘quick fix’ but is rather a method that heals your body and improves your health without any damaging side-effects.

Our Wellness Consultants are trained to help you find products that address your specific needs. They also bring a wealth of personal experience, many having spent years training as athletes, working with herbs, or following specialized diet plans for health purposes. For example, two of our employees competed in Half Ironman Competitions this summer and are passionate about helping athletes achieve their best performance, while at the same time working at repair and recovery.





Some of our areas of expertise include:

  • Women’s Sports Health and Nutrition
  • Men’s Sports Health and Nutrition
  • Chronic Pain and Inflammation Relief
  • Foundational Support
  • Asthma Recovery and Support
  • Chronic Digestive Issues



Here are some of the health concerns our products may support



Are there specific supplements that you are looking for?

Do you need someone to guide your choices and offer suggestions? Are you interested in finding a team of people that care about your health? We encourage you to stop in and talk to one of our Wellness Consultants. They will take the time to answer your questions and help you “Find Your Healthy Place”!



About Apple Wellness Nutrition and Supplement Stores

Apple Wellness is a locally owned and operated business. We opened our Fitchburg location in June 2010 and expanded to a second store in Sun Prairie in January 2016.

“Our number one goal is to educate every customer and inspire them to build a foundation of health. We want to be a learning resource for the community, teaching individuals how to find their “healthy place” and pursue the fullness of health.”   Tim O’Brien

This goal is what drives our owners, Tim and Becki O’Brien. The rapid growth of their business is fueled by achieving this vision through excellent customer care and the expertise of their employees!

  • Thanks again Apple Wellness for all of your help today! Week #2 of my cleanse and I SERIOUSLY haven’t felt better – EVER! I had no idea the results could be so dramatic. Thank you again Tim and Dave for helping to keep our family healthy and educated on our body’s daily needs! We really appreciate the personalized service you provide.

    Tressa Proctor

    LOVED coming in to this store , it was my first time and was greeted with such a big smile and warm feeling! The staff is very knowledgeable and exuded vitality, health, vibrancy, sincerity and so genuine. Great customer service and advice. Thanks for your expertise! I will be back!

    Susan Watters

    Stopped in for the first time yesterday with my dad to get some info. We spoke with Charlie and wow, what a great, knowledgeable guy. We where there shortly before closing time (which we were probably more concerned about than him) and you can tell that Charlie has a passion for helping people and the knowledge to do so. Looking forward to working with Apple Wellness more in the future.

    Bill Thornton
  • Tim is awesome and will surely motivate you to a happy healthier state of being. This guy is a “natural” at what he does!

    Tami Stueber

    Tim O’Brien and his knowledgeable staff clued me in to Curamin. I had been dealing with sciatic pain and ankle issues for years. I am pain free with Curamin and have lost about 15 pounds too! Feeling marvelous and thankful.

    Lloyd Eagen

    The rest factor that I picked up for my husband Bruce is working! He was feeling better, over all, that first morning after taking 3 capsules the night before for sleep. He’d lost his thyroid function after graves disease treatment that he feels was a casualty of the radiation treatment prescribed for colon cancer. We will be in soon to purchase the CBD oil to add to the mix. Thank you so much Tim.

    Bonnie Nisbet
  • OMG. TIM. You know so much about this stuff! I always have a great time when I’m in there and get the goods!!

    Madge Powers

    We love Apple Wellness!! Tim takes such good care of us and remembers so much about us. I started coming in when pregnant with my third child, and with my first two in tow. My boys enjoyed the kids play area so much, they ask to go to Apple Wellness almost every time we drive by. (which is a LOT!) When our baby came early, my health and making amazing milk for our sweet preemie became a super high priority! The supplements, protein powder, probiotics, iron, etc, have been an important piece of the puzzle for us, and we are so thankful the experts at Apple Wellness were there. I will often start with “I heard this is good for this” and they will go into detailed explanations about the research, personal experience, customer’s comments, and help me sort the info to make the best choices for my health goals and my budget. Amazing store, wonderful staff, great products and fair prices. Skip the internet and get your health items here!

    Nicole Sudhoff

    Love Apple Wellness! They are so knowledgable and really want what is best for their customers. Erin has taken such good care of me! Thank you all and thank you Tim for opening the stores for us!

    Claire Whitten
  • As a dental hygienist, I send many patients here to get Xylitol and probiotics to help with their dental care. As a chronic pain patient, I trust them to help keep my flares down and keep ME smiling.

    Kim Varian Dental Hygienist First Choice Dental

    If you want personalized attention, visit Apple Wellness! I have worked and will continue to work with Tim O’Brien because he is knowledgeable, attentive, and a very nice guy! If you need help with gluten free options, digestive issues, pain management,etc. I highly recommend Apple Wellness!!

    Heather McEllistrem

    I have been a customer since the start. Tim and his staff are so caring and helpful. I recommend Apple wellness to everyone who is looking for a health foods store.

    Sara Treffert
  • I was refreshing to talk to Tim the owner and how much he cared about what my issues were and his knowledge. If you are looking to take good care of your health and body, please reach out to Tim. Absolutely someone that cares about you and not $$$. 5 stars!!

    Connie Rogge

    The owner and workers at Apple Wellness are so kind and helpful! They engaged me in a wonderful conversation, and while helping me find what I needed, while also directing me to alternatives that worked better for me and my lifestyle. A knowledgeable, friendly staff, along with a great selection.

    Michelle Emerson

    We love Apple Wellness ! Tim has helped our family so much. He has so much knowledge about the body, it’s fun to learn from him

    Danielle L Dittberner-Beihoffer
  • I read about what supplements I think will help my condition. When I go to Apple Wellness-they can speak eloquently about all the supplements off the tip of their tongue, and it matches everything I have just studied/read. Amazing! Thank you,Tim

    Sue DeLong

    Such a wonderful place. Staff are so knowledgeable and take the time to help answer all of your questions and point you in the right direction for health wellness and care.

    Lori Campbell

    Fantastic place, products and people! Thanks to Tim, I am feeling like myself after suffering for more than a year after being diagnosed with fibromyalgia and other associated ailments. I’m working out, running, have energy and just feel good again. I was a skeptic but willing to try suggestions and am so glad that I did. They truly research their products and want to know what is working and what isn’t and are willing to work with you to develop a wellness plan for your lifestyle and budget. It is worth taking the time to stop and talk with them, whether you are already feeling well and wanting to maintain it, are dealing with illness, or are an athlete looking to maximize performance and keep your body in the best possible condition.

    Kathy Mast
  • Hey there, Tim. This is Frank. I met you on Wednesday, when I brought my post-up brother, Jim, to your store. As I was walking around looking at things, I was listening with impressed ears. I worked as a Program Director overseeing 24 group homes & 15 in-home consumers. I also have been a trainer for The American Red Cross and American Heart Association for many years. I’ve been a first responder on ambulance detail as well as certified both as a Behavior Analyst & Life Effectiveness Coach. I know the body and was very impressed the levels of your knowledge. I instantly trusted you once I started listening. Thank you for that!

    Frank Zellar Behavior Analyst & Life Effectiveness Coach

    LOVE this place. No one is more knowledgeable about health and vitamins and all-natural products than the people who work here. I get stocking stuffers here every year because I like the line of all-natural hair and body products they sell. This is also the place where I stock up on my Curamin (all-natural vitamin that mimics Ibuprofen) and SinuCare (prevents sinus infections). It was my allergy doctor about 5 years ago who first directed me to this place to buy SinuCare. No more antibiotics, he told me. At the first sign of congestion or any stuffiness, I start taking these. Awesome relief and awesome prevention.

    Lori Tomiselli

    Tim and Dave are both a wealth of knowledge. I am grateful to take most of my online spending to a locally-owned shop. The customer service is second-to-none.

    Holly Larson
  • I love Apple Wellness! Tim has been amazing. I send my clients there to speak with people who KNOW what they are talking about. And so very friendly and personable. I love to support a great family owned business. Great job guys! Speaking of I need to order my cases again!

    Corie Simms

    This is where good health starts and ends! Tim and team are extremely helpful and don’t try to force anything down your throat like other health stores. I like how they give me the +’s and -‘s of whatever I am taking or enquiring about. I also appreciate the small things too…….they always remember me and my family!

    Chris Thelen

    Incredible resource for those of us who need recommendations/suggestions to attain our personal goals! I actually look forward to learning from them each time I go!

    Peggy Gunderson
  • Love the personalized attention Tim and the other employees give to customers, and the welcoming atmosphere. I always know Tim is truly trying to help improve the health of my family, not just sell product. I hope he is in business for a long time!

    Emily Hurlbut

    If you haven’t been to Apple Wellness for your health and wellness needs, get there now! Tim and his staff are amazing! They are always so knowledgeable about anything I ask and super friendly and focused on finding exactly what will help you. I love them!

    Somer Dodge

    Devoted to finding you the best options, extremely knowledgeable, and some of the most good-natured people ever! Every time I place an order for some bizarre new product recommended by my doctor to treat a complex chronic condition, Tim and the team impress me with their readiness to put in research and time to help me out and get me exactly what I need.

    Rynn Jacobson
  • Apple Wellness is an amazing resource for our community! Tim’s passion for helping people is incredibly apparent. He called me just to check in with me after I got Lyme, is always willing to order in the supplements I want if they aren’t already in stock, and has a contagious happy energy. All of the staff has also been amazing at answering my questions, and I especially appreciate Nikki’s knowledge of herbs.

    Denise Brusveen

    I love this store! After wanting to get away from medications and live a more natural lifestyle, I am so happy that I stopped in a few months ago on my lunch break. The staff is very knowledgeable and great at taking the time to listen and help find products that will best suit your needs. Needles to say, it has become my go-to store for most health needs. I’ve purchased various supplements, skin care products, makeup, and essential oils and have not been disappointed. Prices are reasonable, and it’s nice knowing I don’t have to spend a fortune for quality products.

    Michelle Neller

    Wonderful store, owners, and great customer service. All the staff are incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about promoting and preserving wellness. As a healthcare professional, I wholeheartedly trust all their recommendations. Highly recommend!

    Kellie Collins
  • Apple wellness is absolutely my favorite store for vitamins and supplements. They have a great variety of options to meet whatever health needs you might have. The staff is friendly and helpful without being pushy. The owner, Tim, works hard to make sure he carries the best quality supplements available.  And he won’t just sell you a supplement. Tim will explore your needs and explain what options you have. Then he will explain why and how those supplements will be helpful to you.

    A newer addition to Apple Wellness is their selection of essential oils. Essential oils can be used in a several ways including diffusing and topical applications to achieve optimal health and Apple Wellness carries a variety of Amrita oils. They are my new favorite item in the store!

    If you are looking for quality products sold by knowledgeable staff, Apple Wellness is absolutely the place for you.

    Elizabeth Robinson Licensed Professional Counselor Christian Family Counseling

    This is just a word of thanks to you guys. This weekend, we went camping and I forgot my Curamin. I didn’t take if for three days. After 2 days, my arthritis pain came back with a vengeance. Here I got to thinking that maybe I didn’t have arthritis anymore. Ha! It only took a day for the Curamin to start kicking in again. What a relief! Thanks for giving me an option that doesn’t have side effects, and actually works!

    Heather Mailoux

    As a doctor, I know that I can send my patients to Apple Wellness and that Tim will work very hard to find exactly what I am recommending and will only give them the best quality.

    Aaron Henkel Naturopath Family Clinic of Natural Medicine
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