Since ancient times, many cultures have relied on essential oils and aromatherapy in their medicine. Today, thousands of Americans have rediscovered this ancient healing art to promote both physical and psychological well-being in a modern setting. All plant materials and essential oils have a unique biological map that determines how it affects our bodies. Some common benefits of essential oil aromatherapy include:

  • Mental focus
  • Stress relief
  • Enhanced energy levels
  • Mood alteration (uplifting, calming, grounding, etc)
  • Accelerate the healing process
  • Reduces headaches and improves cognitive agility

Aromatherapy and Essential Oils — How to Get Started

Aromatherapy uses essential oils in two primary ways; diffusing and topical application. You can choose to purchase additional supplies like roll-on bottles, carrier oils, kid-friendly essential oils, and synergy blends to further enhance your experience.

There are hundreds of essential oils and oil blends to choose from and each has different healing and therapeutic properties. To get you started, check out our collection of essential oils, diffusers, supplies, and aromatherapy accessories below, and read up on a few of our most popular essential oils.

Not sure what you need? Stop by our natural supplement store in Madison and our team of Wellness Consultants will be happy to help you Find Your Healthy Place!

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